Acting Classes

Our acting classes are a great fit for all experience levels. Through training, we give actors the tools to prepare very real, natural characters with genuine emotions. At Spotlight, instructors encourage students to make each audition and performance very uniquely theirs! If you have any questions about our classes, please contact us.

Create Real Characters

In our acting classes, actors will participate in both exercises and scene work. As a result, acting in front of the camera will become second nature. Actors will learn to prepare roles that are natural and believable, while learning techniques specific for acting on-camera.

Nail your auditions and be ready to be on set

So that your actor books, we will learn to prepare auditions and how to submit quality self tapes. Also, students will be ready when they book a role as we will prepare them for what it is like to be on set.

In our acting classes, all actors perform

Current Film & TV Sides are sent ahead of time so students are prepared to perform. Footage of classwork will be sent to download after class. Because we are a small, boutique acting studio, our class sizes are small and every actor gets a chance to perform.

To view scene work from our acting classes, please follow us!

Registration : $275

Ages 11 – 18 have a full day option if they enroll in both the On-Camera and Filmmaking classes. If a student enrolls in both classes, they can stay at the studio during the lunch break at no extra cost.