Katie Martin - Owner and Instructor

Katie Martin is the owner of Spotlight Acting Academy and is an actor, director and teacher. She has been acting for over thirty years, gaining experience onstage and onscreen. Katie is also an award winning director and filmmaker, winning awards for her films Cybil (which she also starred in) and Dead Man’s Hand.  

She began teaching High School theatre over fifteen years ago and wanted to start an acting studio where students benefited from smaller class sizes with more individual attention, so she opened Spotlight in 2012. Katie loves passing her passion for acting on to her students and being a part of their journey. 

Katie has directed over 50 plays and musicals, as well as several films. With her directing experience and 15 years teaching, her acting students see significant improvement all while building confidence! Katie is represented by Acclaim Talent.







Spotlight Acting Academy faq

Do you offer trial classes?

We do not offer trial classes. It is in the best interest of our actors to keep classes closed to those enrolled. If you would like to try a class, we recommend signing up for one of our monthly workshops. Click here for information about our workshops!

Can you get my child acting roles? Is Spotlight Acting Academy a talent agency?

We are not a talent agency and cannot guarantee work for actors. However, we do advise young actors and parents on how to get started in the industry and where to find auditions so that you can book work. Also, when we are approached by Casting Directors looking for young actors, we refer Spotlight students for roles they fit or we share the casting information with those currently enrolled in our classes.

Is there a live performance at Spotlight Acting Academy?

There is not a live theatrical performance. Scene work from class is sent to parents and students so they can download the files and watch their progress. Our classes are designed to train students to be ready when they book jobs and are on set. In addition, we advise students and parents on how to find work and everything they learn at Spotlight can be applied to roles in TV and Film, as well as Theatre. Spotlight classes are helpful for anyone interested in performance, as it is an opportunity to focus solely on advanced acting techniques.

Can I join in the middle of the month or after the season has started? Will I be behind?

You can join our classes at any time! The way classes are structured, you will not behind at any point that you join a class.

Will the class help with confidence and public speaking?

Absolutely! It does take time for shy students to get comfortable and to build confidence, but we have seen students go from being very hesitant with performing in front of a group to carrying lead roles with confidence that carries into all aspects of their lives.

How do payments work? And what is your refund policy?

  • First month’s payment is due upon enrollment to hold your spot in the class. Following payments process on the first of the month. 
  • Registration and class policies will be given in the online registration system prior to registering for a class and will require your signature. They are also always available on the Google Drive for the class. If you need to withdrawal from a class, we require two weeks notice in writing before the first of the month. We do not issue refunds, so please be sure to read the class policies and understand there is no leniency regarding withdrawals and refunds.
  • If you join a class mid month, you can either contact us to prorate your registration before making payment, or we can credit the following months enrollment. 

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