Spotlight Acting Academy is a studio located in the Katy area offering Acting and Filmmaking classes year round. We offer classes for ages 8 – 18 and all experience levels. Our classes are a great fit for those interested in pursuing a career in the industry, but also for those interested in taking classes for fun! We work with students and parents to help them navigate getting started in the industry, specifically as a working actor in the Texas region.


Our acting classes are for ages 8-18. Students will learn to breakdown scripts and develop real, genuine characters. Our classes are geared toward acting in TV and Film; however, they are a great learning opportunity for theatre actors as well. Instructors will assign sides in advance, so students are able to prepare for class. During class, instructors work scenes with young actors teaching both acting techniques and technical requirements for acting on-camera. Our classes give an overall approach to learning acting. Scene work is taped and a link is sent after class so that your work can be downloaded and viewed at home. 


Our filmmaking classes are for ages 11-18. Students learn the entire filmmaking process; pre-production, production and post-production. In other words, students write, shoot and edit their very own projects and short film. They have the opportunity to act in their projects, but this is not required if they would prefer to be behind the camera. This is also a great class for those interested in Acting, because you learn so much about acting as you go through the filmmaking process and it is an especially good opportunity to create your own content as an actor. At the end, students are provided with a link to download their film which will certainly be a lasting memory. Some of our films have been selected by Film Festivals and have won Best Student Film categories. This is surely an exciting experience for our students! 

If you have questions about our classes, please contact us!