• Registration is $175/MONTH and includes 4 classes a month
  • The first month’s payment is due upon enrollment to hold your spot in the class. Following payments process on the first of the month. If you do not setup automatic payments in the registration system and payment is not made on the first, there is a $25 late fee. 
  • The important dates for each class is as follows:
    • Mondays – Start date 1/9. No class on 3/13. End date 5/1.
    • Tuesdays – Start date 1/10. No class 3/14. End date 5/2.
    • Wednesdays – Start date 1/4. No class 3/15. End date 4/26.
    • Thursdays – Start date 1/5. No class 3/16. End date 4/27.
  • Class for AGES 15-18 will learn both Acting On-Camera and Filmmaking. Students will not be separated to take one or the either, they will all take both and be in one class.
  • Our registration and class policies will be given in the online registration system prior to registering for a class and will require your signature. They are also always available on the Google Drive for the class. Please be sure to read the class policies and understand there is no leniency regarding withdrawals.
  • Our class sizes are small and go on to a waiting list quickly. If a class is not on a waiting list, you may join the class at anytime and will not be behind. Please contact us to prorate your registration if joining in the after the 1st of the month. If you join the class and make payment without having us prorate your account, please send us a email and let us know so we can credit the following months enrollment. If you do not contact us, we may not see that we need to credit your account. 
  • If you have any questions about our classes, please contact us! TEXT OR EMAIL IS PREFERRED!