In our filmmaking classes, aspiring filmmakers will gain intensive training in shooting, writing, directing and editing. Students will apply what they have learned first hand by writing, shooting, and editing their very own short film. After the class has ended, the short film will be available to download and share with friends and family. If you have any questions about our filmmaking classes, please contact us!


During the pre-production phase, students will write their very own scripts. They will learn the three act structure and how to develop characters. After writing their script, they will apply visual storytelling and story boarding.


During the production phase, each student will receive hands-on camera training. Students will learn about different crew positions and have the opportunity to work each of the positions while shooting their short film. In our filmmaking classes, students work with state of the art equipment.


In the post-production stage, students will edit their films with digital editing software. Students will be introduced to Photoshop as they work together to design their very own movie poster. We encourage our students to produce films of quality to be submitted to film festivals. Currently, our film Bottom of the Bottle (link below!) is in the circuit.

Registration : $375

If a student enrolls in both Acting On-Camera and Filmmaking classes, they can stay at the studio during the lunch break at no extra cost.

Please click the links below to watch short films from some of our past classes! Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel and be the first to know when new films go live!